Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight

Callaway Srixon Cleveland
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Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight


Kaksi värivaihtoehtoa: Sininen ja punainen

Koko: 104CC (90 g 58 round) ja 140CC (124 g 58 round)




Golf Pride’s new oversized putter series, TOUR SNSR, features larger Tour-proven shapes that are engineered with innovative SNSR material that delivers unsurpassed Tour-level feel and feedback. The new grips are made of a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips extraordinary feel, and encourages lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth stroke. The new SNSR compound also enhances Tour-level feedback into the hands to improve player distance control.


TOUR SNSR Contour is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile that is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players. The pistol allows golfers to “lock in” their upper hand for consistent hand placement that translates to more confidence in every stroke.


Paino 0,125 kg
Mitat 30 × 4 × 4 cm
Gripin koko

SNSR 104 CC, SNSR 140 CC

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